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To allow the mortal remains of King Richard III to be buried in York

Petition to the University of Leicester

The proposed location of Leicester is wholly inappropriate for the burial of King Richard III, who had no connections with the town (as it was then) beyond his horrific death, bodily despoliation and appalling burial in a foreshortened grave.

People across the world do not insist on people who die in a particular location being buried there; for our own loved ones, we bring them to a place which is appropriate to them, to a place with which they had some meaningful connection or affection. Upon finding lost remains of missing persons we do not insist that they are buried locally to where they were originally laid in the ground but we ensure that they are returned to their nearest relatives; we repatriate the bodies of soldiers from where they fell – how much more so should a King’s remains be brought away from the place where he fought his last battle charge and from where he was buried carelessly by his enemy?

As the bodies of the dead are “brought home”, so too King Richard should be brought to a place with which he had every possible connection and affection.

In his letters to York Council King Richard spoke of travelling to York as a “home-coming” – it is quite evident from this and other contemporary documentation concerning his life, that he spent most of his time in the north of England and focused particularly on the City of York as a place of great affection. He gave grants to rebuild its walls, he came to the city for two weeks on Royal Progress, investing his son as Prince of Wales in the Archbishop’s Palace and he intended a College of unequalled size of 100 priests to pray for his soul and that of his family. There are many expert historians of his life and times who agree that Richard quite possibly intended York Minster to be his mausoleum.

It is fitting and respectful and in keeping with all of British national customs regarding treatment of the dead, to bury King Richard III in a place “appropriate to him” and which is fully supported by his modern day descendants, senior academics, British MP’s, councillors and the signatories to this petition..

That place is York.

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